Advance Apparel is also actively involved in the Official Merchandise industry. We are proud to be the sole licence holders for Cambridge University Merchandise as well as a licence holder for Oxford University.

These two institutions boast academic superiority in the field of higher education and the fact that we are able to work with them, it is really a great privilege. Advance Apparel being the sole licence holders for Cambridge University outlines and highlights our brand as reliable suppliers. As we have our own manufacturing facility, we are able to exploit the benefit of vertical integration which essentially allows us to be in control of manufacturing stock and therefore, meeting the demands of our clients.

At present, we have 20 products ranging from t-shirts, pullover hoods, zip hoods, sweatshirts, varsity jackets, caps and winter hats for Cambridge University which have been improved year on year and we are always looking to see what else we have to offer our clients. We always strive to be the absolute best we can and aim to be of exceptional service at all times.