From patternmaking right through to production, our processes and procedures in the factory ensure that the manufacturing of our products are consistent in quality and standard no matter how small or large the quantity.

Advance Apparel staff conduct these processes and liaise with our factory on a daily basis. In-line and finished product inspection is the responsibility of the factory. Vertical integration of our operations ensures the costs are kept at a minimum and small batch production is possible. Our manufacturing facilities are WRAP certified; the recognised symbol of high social and ethical workplace standards. For more information, please visit WRAP.

Our manufacturing facility is also a member of Sedex, a not-for-profit membership organisation dedicated to driving improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains.

Lastly, Our factory has been certified by ISO 9001 which demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products that meet customers’ regulatory requirements.

Initially, patternmaking to first sample development is imperative to identify how the garments will look, how the fabrics and trims will work in tandem, and to develop initial fit parameters. Then, the pre-production sample highlights any pattern corrections, specification development and trim confirmation in addition to focus on proper garment construction, to yield a consistency in fit and finish. Pre-production ensures that the entire purchase order will meet the fit measurements in production. In-line (in-process) quality inspection ensures that every product is constructed identically to the approved pre-production sample. In-line inspection will catch any mistakes in stitching, seams, pressing or label selection and placement as early as possible.

Finished product inspection confirms proper garment construction, focuses on garment appearance, and ensures that the purchase order is finished properly and that all packaging (labels, hang tags, etc.) are applied correctly.

Our portfolio of work in the souvenir, promotional and corporate sectors has led us to supply many souvenir outlets, universities and football clubs. Check out our bespoke page for a gallery of some of our work.